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Friday, April 08, 2011
12:00 AM


Today(yesterday actually), Baby and i went out to
celebrate his Birthday one day in advance.
We caught a movie first to start off our day.
After movie, we had almost 2 hours to spare before our buffet,
So i bought takoyaki to snack on, while baby got Chocolate Mint IceCream.
Then we headed to the place for the Crystal Jade Buffet!
The best part was that the XiaoLongBao were unlimited!
To our disappointment the buffet wasnt that delicious.
The XLB's skin was thick too, which i didnt really like.
We both overate, although we didnt order that much.
So this pretty much sums up our day.
I hope you guys like the pictures, as i rarely take pictures of food.
I hope that there are people out there reading this space,
as im trying to put effort to make this space exciting and updating regularly.
Nothing special on this day, but everyday spent with baby is special .
Happy Birthday my Baby.