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Monday, February 09, 2009
10:50 AM

i want to confess just like lovers in movies, so you wont forget.

yesterday i travelled crazy distance just to get things done.
its a long journey back since i was already nearby.
i had to walk the crazily packed mall.
walking up and down finding the atms.
had to wait for people to finish doing theirs.
kill time by shopping alone, bought stuff.
luckily baby called, but my battery was low.
people were staring behind, making me nervous.
it was some fruit cake with vanilla.
my 'early' looked like shit. ):

the way you tried to peek while i was doing the final touches.
that smile on your face, priceless.
i bet it melted your heart.
travelling so far just to get this done.
it was worth it, just because its for you, my baby

the rest of the photos are for me to see,
and you guys to never find out.
i'll post tomorrow about CrossCountry. promise.