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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
9:35 PM

i'll promise that i'll stay faithful just to you and you alone.

i think its really a time for, 2009 Resolutions!
i haven done resolutions since like forever.
i'll never go by it, i'll break it on 2nd january or something.
so this time round, i'll go by it.

1. i promise not to lie about anything anymore.
2. i promise to say everything even tiny things.
3. i promise not to take cab and save money more.
4. i promise to study for Os. 1hour-weekdays. 3hours-weekends.
5. i promise never to say back to that route again.
6. i promise to try and get >15/16 points.
7. i promise be nicer to family members.
8. i promise to spend time more with GF, we can go study date.
9. i promise not to use computer whole day.
10. i promise to eat properly&not skip meals.
11. i must gain weigh, at least gain 2/3kg! ):
i love today alot, like the picture, right?
i feel new again, as if my life has colors again.
i've woken up and i'll study harder than before.
i'll keep to what i have promised you. oxes. ilybd