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Sunday, December 21, 2008
11:10 PM

you want to carry the problems and troubles together with me.

yesterday was first day of work at United Square.
it was already the most horrible one.
the cardboard box broke and all the recycling bags spill out.
luckily we have free recycling bags.
its attraction to cheapo aunties&uncles.
it was kinda fun though. working is cool.
went all the way down to Bukit Timah.
lunch, pool, supper, cab home.

today we went to Jurong Point.
wrote my wish for 2009 on this white ball.
its wish balls to be thrown to the Singapore River.
work, chill at starbucks, manicure, dinner, home.
CARA/ thank you, love you sissy. im at Season 2 already!

ONG/ yes happy, but sad cause reasons&miss you all.

EVANGE/ clicked yours too. miss you ):

K/ you're? Kristy?

ABRIE/ clicked yours too. talk to me online!!

AMANDA/ but my com can't load. im sad ):

JOEY/ yes i know. tonight will be your 7th night here!

SECRECT ADMIRER/ hello. you're crazy. leave your big name!

RACH/ hello. alright. (:

AIN/ thanks, i've weird stares at my rainbow skirt.