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Monday, December 15, 2008
7:35 PM

everyone will be so happy for us both for our wonderful marriage.

its has been days and weeks since i last updated.
viewers are dropping, ads are gone.
the photoshop isn't working again due to computer no space.
my stay over marathon was over.
but it will be a yearly thing.
tomorrow will be going out with cousin,
she will be staying over my house for 2 nights!
i'm excited. we'll have girly talks at night.
anyway i've something to get in mind.
i'll want to get my hands on all of them.
ohmygod, i'm running low on cash.
updates soon. i'm back to my show, toodles.
dearest santa, have i been a good girl this year?
i think not. i haven been a very good one this year.
ONG/ yes i know! miss you guys!

VICSON/ then wonder more.

AIN/ i'm okay i guess. is you didn't talk to me!

EVANGELINE/ thanks babe, who are you??

CHING/ thanks, *moves hair away from face*

DEE/ we've alot of catching on, received my birthday text?

NATHAN/ sure, thanks. holidays are ending already!

MARC/ next time text me please? i've plans already!

STEPH/ leave your link to your blog? ya, send to me!