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Thursday, November 13, 2008
7:15 AM

with those eyes of yours, you charmed me and attracted me.

i didn't sleep the whole damn night.
i couldn't sleep and i didn't want to. don't feel like to also.

yesterday, went out with the clique.
not all but still the same few us, got 10 of us.
we had fish&co Express. then watched HSM3.
i feel like curling my ends like sharpey
don't you think its pretty?
but i don't think i'm ever going to curl my hair.
i'll so freaking hell regret please.

then was wasting our life away.
one by one slowly went home.
decided to go safra to play pool.
only 4 of us went.
i learnt how to play pool.
i reach home at nearly 12midnight.
i'm into this now, besides mahjong.
i was like some insane girl.
i screamed when i got the balls in!
i jumped around like little girl.
i tie pigtails somemore.

my teacher is kaiser lee.
it was fun. i love it.
i'll get better and improve in my skills.
i can't hit straight.
my cue is like a little lamb.
its jumping and bounce and hop alot.
cause i keep hitting the bottom part of the ball,
causing it to jump.
it takes skills to do a jump ball.
i did watch how to play pool when younger.
cause i like to see the blondie dudes play.
i think they are very cool.

my fingers look long but they're not.
cause its thin and small.
kaiser lee's thumb was twice my thumb.
and well, much fatter and more meat too!
i got green toe nails which looks like alien blood.
i'm thinking of french manicure for my nails.
tonight pool again, i think.
i'm so addicted. but no guys to oogle at. ):


CARA/ yeah. come back soon, i'm depressed!
stayover at your house soon kay? ):

AMANDA/ yeah. cherry up already but new things happened.
i'm so damn annoyed. kinda told you what happened.
yay! we stayed up all night! ohmygod. pool tonight?!

GLYNNIS/ yup. play with me more. i'm always bored.

EVANGELINE/ got well already, but now heart not well. ):

AUDREY/ for the first week i only turn up for 1 out of 5 days.

JINGWEN/ hello. you have cool carpark pictures!

ESTHER/ yes. ohmygod. you misses out on playing pool!
you guys and him are totally two different stuff.

CHING/ i've disappeared into a depressing world.

JOEY/ cheered up. but things happened again ):

PASSERBY/ Girls on Tv- LFO/ MaryJane- ClickFive.

ABRIE/ you've!! i clicked. click for me kk!

J/ okay. see how. i nearly wanted to ring you at 3am!

VICSON/ yup. click more! then buy me when you have $$

LJUNHAO/ aaww. i want subway treat. but not at your house!

VIVIAN/ i look like overgrown little girl. i want be shorter!

ELEANOR/ hey, thanks yo.

FELICIA/ you guys look cool. i thought you're in a real band.