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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
7:16 AM

till death do us apart, we'll always be together.

time check: 7.16am
i should be half way preparing for school right now.
i'm so damn damn excited.
meeting charis later at 9pm.
then ching will come after school.
my suntanning buddies:

updates later, or another day with pictures (:
i just got home. i'm so damn tired.
met charis then took monorail to sentosa.
we walked and snapped many many pictures.
then we picked a nice spot to suntan.
we apply sun tanning oil for each other,
and started to suntan then flip over.
after awhile, we went dipping into the sea.
and, applying new layer of tanning oil,
suntan then flip over. its like a cycle.
we did this like 3 times or 4 times.
in between we did took photos too.

after awhile, the sun started to hide behind clouds.
then we decided to go dipping into the sea.
it was very windy and we decided to go under shelter.
we saw ching the subway girl and it started to rain heavily.
we ate subway cause she packed for us.
we waited for the rain to stop, and went dipping.
we were taking photos and two guys came over,
asked for mine and charis' number.
i think we're older than them or something.
it was stupid, then we went to shower.
we took photos every few steps we took.
in total we have 200++ photos!
happy time editing them charis! (:
photo post soon, but it would be more than one post.

we went to vivo and stopped at the perfect cup,
for a fruity chillio. passionfruit was great.
then we walked around.went to eat pasta mania.
it was my pathetic 2nd time.
and it was at the same venue and same pasta.
i haven eat newyorkX2/fish&co/cafe cartel/many many.
i'm fuckingly missing out in life.
someone bring me go eat please.
my birthday is 104days and 1 1/2hours time!

i'm so so so dark now.
my whole back is red, white, red, white, red.
it was fun today, but too bad ching didn't get to tan.
it was totally insane. i don't feel like going to school.
shall i go tanning again on monday?!
i want my front tanlines to be more obvious.
the back tanlines are really oh my god!!!!!!
everytime my phone rings, i hope to see your name.
everytime my phone beeps, i hope the text is from you.
i think i'm depressed. so damn fucking depressed.
i miss you so much fucking alot ):
{edit/ 10.35pm}