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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
8:20 PM

my whole world came crashing down,
when you said you don't love me anymore.

i listened during physics today.
its a great big achievement.
hanging out lesser with girlfriends.
i teared a little today cause i keep on thinking,
what if i didn't do well for EOY. what if i retained.
i is sad. i is very very sad ):

i need to rush art tonight.
i feel like playing this wood block game.
what is it called again?
i think its a coolz and nervous game.
i prefer the ones with the truth or dare on it.
someone get for me please? (:

i saw this little baby at playground today.
she looks like me when i was much younger.
we were so much carefree then.
can eat and sleep and even go playground.
if we want attention, just cry out loud.
chubby & fair. she had a mushroom hair cut.


tags later i guess. if not, another day.