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Wednesday, August 06, 2008
10:30 PM

do you believe in love, the way that i do.

today i saw a heartshapped cloud.
i is happyyy and started smiling to myself.

i want to download the stupid handwriting thing on msn!
but this stupid computer can't download any shitz!
i is angry. some kind soul help me please!

today, onghh stole our CD periods to do phy practical!
besides, i only got a single digit for my combine phy!
stupid tim got like 19, the highest!
i want his stupid brain! he's a triple maths combo!
besides, i screwed up my whole maths paper,
while classmate got full marks! ):
i is not cut out for studying!
thank goodness common test is so over!
i got to work harder for end of year!
i did Egeog paper beside the window,
and i kept on looking out, to see passerbys ):
i slept for about 20minutes/15minutes looking out&
looking at michael drawing here and there on the table.
25minutes for the paper only. i think its so screwed.




pictures soon, by this weekend or something.
here's one, the five of us. (:


i'll spend more time with you guys, i promiseeee!
this week, i did spend time with you guys what!
maybe tomorrow can, although its thursday!

GENE/ have study, but i don't know why all screwed up.

LARAMIE/ thanks. (:

FELICIA/ thanks babeeee!

ESTHER/ okayy. we is talking on the phone now!
haha. don't know who say that i look like drawing circles.
whereeee got photos? we will print somemore okay?

JINGWEN/ hello jingwen!

LIZZIE/ ohh yeah. i perfer calling you, lizzie.
my friend got about the same name as you. (:

AMANDA/ but you didn't call me, on both days ):

EDWARD/ haha. it is real pleaseeeeee!
you then the ghost right! where got floating pyjamas.
enough of my baby photos already luh. nope, its okay.

EVANGE/ really? but he's hawthawt!
don't angry luh, evange! must share you know!

VICSON/ oh okayy. get more sleep tonight!

VIVIAN/ alright. yeah, i look like teacher!
i not sureee, mum haven say anything.