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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
10:00 PM

you stare just a little too long and it makes me wonder.

A: another word for toilet is John.
B: then LongJohnSilver = LongToiletSliver?
C: what about John Walker? Toilet Walker?

school's pretty much boring.
english's getting more boring without CSI shows.
all day long is letter writing/compo/compre.


i know that green is your favourite color.
ong+ me is a big meanie today.
we totally pretended to forget about Long's birthday.
after school, we gave her everything we got,
we screamed, hug and everything else.
i bet you is loving the card yeahh?
shitty card filled with shitty love.


i want to stayover at cousin's houseee!
i will and i have too! we have many many
things to talk about yeahh?
i want to have class chalet too.
last year's one was a total disaster!
we everyone wasn't happy and everything else.

anyway, i is bored. so did this.
i had a hard time cause the words are so smallie.
i think by friday, i can upload my baby photo!

enlarge and no enlarge = no difference, words still smallie

PASSERBY/ go google search, under notepads.

FANGYI/ since when did i leave earth? i is along here!

MONSTER/ okayy! anyway, i found her blog.

FELFEL/ yayy! during recess, i refill your bottle okay?

PASSERBY (: / under google, search notepads.

CARA/ helloo! now Edmund can read too! (:
stayover soon okay! i heard the other song, its nicee!

SHERILYN/ hellooo! see you in school(:

ABRIE/ she send me to school then go market for DBS.

VIVIEN.M / thanks babee! i enjoy doing doing phy
experiments with you cause its fun! (: