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Thursday, July 24, 2008
10:26 PM

i remember way back, when you used to look at me that way.



i woke up late today.
no one gave me morning call!
but luckilyy mummy came and wake me up.
i don't know why but my alarm clock didn't ring-o-ring.

was a total bad hair day today.
had school. i is tried.
i like to say: I IS & I IS! (:
i counted, how many meh meh jump over the fence.
before one could finishing jumping over,
i was in lala land. see how tired i is!
i nearly fell asleep during english test ):
anyway, we're using livejournal for ussw.
i don't think i'm creating another account.
who cares if teacher see it anot!
mummy's greatt! i lovee her mannyy
after school went out.
then bought food for dinner and came home.

i is eating subway cookies now.
are you jealous? i bet you're!
i have decided to open up this blog.
as seen in the post it, above^ !
its the largest already! can see right!
cause there's nothing much private anymoree.
i promise myself not to be sooooo paranoid.
i will stop refreshing every 30minutes.
i think i'll open up by this week.

so people, be niceeee and click my adz.
i hope my hits increaseeee and more clickz too.
pleaseee lazybones bear with the security check,
for a few moreee days pleaseee! (:

i is good girl today. i do finish all my homework.
common test is very very soon.
i really need to study.
damn, my book is 5days overdue.
and i'm only 1/2 through.
updates another day.
collecting my retainers tomorrow.
i think i have a flu.
my nose is blocked. i got sexy voice ):
i think nowadays i like to add a Z to everythingz.
adding: Z = coolz!

FANGYI/ haha lao ah mahhh! wear red red clogs!

ELEANOR/ yayyy! finally, i'll be unlocking. click moree!

CHING/ haha. its zack's mating call for another fool.

CHARIS/ boo hoo! but i still koped it by a long way ):

VIVIAN/ hmm, okayyyy. (:

ESTHER/ yeahh. i opening blog soon, go library click!
i clicked her adz and yours adz too. are you happpyyy?
you all are ungreatful people): i hate your to bitzzz!

EDWARD/ ohh whatever. gayboy.

AMANDA/ hate you tooo! you suck ballzzz!

AIN/ yeahh. you never talk to me oneee! now haveee!
click my adzzzz! call me/text me babeee!