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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
LipstouchedWanderlust 12:52 AM

Been traveling pretty a lot lately.
These are a few snippets of the places I been to.
There's 2 photos from Munich. One of which is a castle.
Gonna be the end of 2016 soon. This year flew by so quickly.
I update instagram and snapchat more. So catch me on the flip side.
XOXO @Lipstouched

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Next Step In Life 2:07 AM
Howdy guys. Anyone still reading this space?
Life has been great so far. With many ups and little downs.
Upcoming phase is the next step in life.
I do hope everything goes well as what i plan.
I dont wish to have high hopes or expectations though.
Goodnights. xoxo

Thursday, January 07, 2016
2016 New Year New Beginnings 2:13 AM

Its been way too long. Last post was in 2014.
Tons of things has changed in my life and I've grown alot too.
In 2015, i graduated with double degrees and passed my driving.
Gotten my heart broken, and gotten it mended.
I hope 2016 will bring me towards the next step in life.
Catch me more on other social medias.
Xoxo. LENE'

Thursday, October 09, 2014
9ctober 12:39 AM

Its a new month again. Still feeling quite bitter that i failed that module,
despite studying for it. Up till now, its illogical that someone fails an open book exam.
I cant comprehen over this fact. Even looking through the exam script doesnt help.
I guess right now, i just have to accept it. On a happier note, i cant wait for November.
So much plans are set ahead. Just the thought of it excites me. 
xx, goodnights yall.